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Code of Conduct


The Malgosia Rigoli trading as SEN Schools Guide Discussion Forum is not a pre-moderated forum. Our policy is to minimise our intervention as much as possible to allow our members to frankly discuss SEN Schooling and more general educational issues and support each other. Our members will likely be parents or carers of SEN children, their family and friends and members of the professional education and care community.


SEN is an important and emotive topic yet there is much that the community can do to support itself and we desire to help facilitate that in a powerful yet polite and upbeat way.

We will use our discretion to remove posts or ban members if we believe they are acting outside of our code of conduct, general decency, or if their actions is not for the benefit of the community overall.  We wish to maintain a useful focus in the community and ensure the environment is conducive to wide participation.

We have a few forum rules to help keep the discussion useful and appealing to all.

  • Do not post anything that breaks the law

  • No trolling, misleading or deliberately inflammatory behaviour.

  • No spamming

  • No swearing or lewd content in posts

  • No personal attacks

  • If you are making claims please try to support them with evidence to inspire trust and reduce hearsay

  • Please try to be upbeat and positive, even when discussing a challenging topic. We shouldn't hide the realities of life but if we can inspire people to stay engaged and support each other even when times are hard we believe it will be better for continued dialogue.

Email us at if you believe anything you see on the forum is not inline with this.  We do not pre-moderate posts.  We rely on readers to let us know if posts are not inline with our Code of Conduct.



24th February 2020 - Created

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