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The proportion of pupils with SEN continues to rise. As of January 2019, there were 1.3M pupils with SEN in England, representing 15% of the total pupil population. 


Following our recent personal journey, we’ve experienced a clear information gap as we tried to navigate our way to understand the types and nature of services available to our child and choose the option that would best suit his needs. The information and advice we found was fragmented, often outdated and sometimes misleading. Some schools were not what they promised to be, some turned out to be much more. We jumped from site to site, from one discussion forum to another. 


Being a parent of a child with special needs can often be challenging and there are very few decisions that are as hard and as important as choosing their education. As we now see our child thriving in the right environment, we want to make this journey easier for other parents who, like us, may find the whole process overwhelming. 


We wanted to create a site where you can not only find information about schools available and what they offer, but also be able to engage with other parents who may share the same challenges or be able to offer advice based on personal experience.  We cover special schools and mainstream schools across both state and independent settings.

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